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Hyundai Customer Service Number, Email ID, Head Office Address, Website

Hyundai is a famous Korean multinational conglomerate company. This company was founded in the year 1947 in Seoul, South Korea. This company deals in various business in different categories such as an automobile, heavy industry, finance and insurance, construction, retail, steel and much more. Chung Ju-Yung is the founder of this company.

Hyundai is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. They deliver their product over 193 countries all around the world and this company is having over 5000 dealers and showrooms in 193 countries including Malaysia. In Malaysia, they have many official showrooms providing their products in different categories like I10, Elantra, Veloster, Tucson, Santa FE, Genesis, Sonata, Veloster Turbo, Ioniq Hybrid, Grand Starex Royale and some other relevant products. Find all the information regarding their products and services on the Hyundai official website.

Hyundai contact number

You can visit Hyundai official website to know more about them. Customers can also contact Hyundai officials through their official website regarding any queries.

People may have some queries regarding their products and service, for which you can contact their officials regarding any queries. In this article, we are sharing their official Hyundai customer service contact number, Hyundai head office address, Hyundai customer service email Id, Hyundai Customer Service address, Hyundai head office contact number, Hyundai head office email Id, Hyundai official website, Hyundai social networking profiles and some other details, that you can use to get in touch with their officials.

Hyundai Customer Service Contact Details

Hyundai Customer Service Toll-Free Contact Number: 1300-13-2000

Hyundai Customer Service Email ID: N/A

If you are facing any problem regarding Hyundai products and service, you can contact their officials by using provided information.

Hyundai Head Office Contact Details

Hyundai Head Office Address: No 1 Jalan Saudagar U1/16A Seksyen U1, Hicom Glemarie Industrial Park Shah Alam, 40150, Malaysia

Hyundai Head Office Phone Number: +60 1-800-88-1133

Hyundai Official Email ID: N/A

In Singapore, Hyundai company established their head office at Shah Alam. Get all the help and support regarding your queries from Hyundai officials.

Hyundai Official Website: hyundai.com.my

Find all the valuable information regarding Hyundai products and service details on their official website. Company’s official details regarding Hyundai are all available on the home page of the Hyundai.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/hyundaimalaysia

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/hyundai_global

Pinterest: pinterest.com/hyundaiusa

Linkedin Profile: linkedin.com/company/hyundai-motor-company

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/hyundaiworldwide

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/hyundai_worldwide

Hyundai officials post the latest information regarding their products and service details in their official social profile accounts.

Important Links

Find latest news details in Hyundai official news page link provided above.

Showroom locator: hyundai.com.my/FindDealer
Find all the information regarding Hyundai local store location and address details on their official website.

Test Drivehyundai.com.my/FindDealer
You can book Hyundai vehicles from their official showrooms or through their official website.

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  • Eric Huang May 23, 2017, 2:43 PM


    Fist of all, I am working in Singapore but i am Malaysian.
    Malaysia Number: 0122442094, contactable only Saturday and Sunday.
    Normally Muar Service Dealer will call to my wife: 0182256722, she staying in Muar.
    Registration number: VU 8613

    I need to make a complain. I just bought the car 2 months ago and the problems now is the steering will automatic move/turn to left side even i drove in straight road. 2nd problem is the GPS is not working, it will jump out of the GPS selection every single time so i am not able to us it until today.

    Your appointed Service Dealer Jet Auto Service Centre (JM0150194-T) which located at Muar had checked for more than 1 time. GPS until today at least 3 weeks but they still says waiting for the parts…what is the reason for you guys to take so long time to replace a GPS for me??? Such a big company never keep stock in Malaysia?? Replacement took more than 3 weeks is ridiculous.

    Another steering/alignment problem or other parts problem that’s i am not sure but Muar Service Dealer currently fixing for me. However the services is lousy!!! The replacement parts arrived last week and it took more then 5 working days to replace it. At first, the say will need only 2 days but never call to update actually can’t be done because of a missing item from the replacement parts….this is what kind of reason? Your department ship out the parts without proper checking?? then it take days to ship over Muar Service Dealer. Finally, the missing part arrived at Muar and they help me to fix it. AGAIN, they never update me about the status and i am the one always call to check with them. BUT they always say will call will call will call to update but never happen!!!! So, this morning they called to my wife saying the car is ready for collection and they was saying had tested my Hyundai Starex no problem now. BUT that’s nonsense, the problem still remain!!! One of the Malay service man dare to say my wife never test in a straight road. So we ask him to test, then he found the problem then he keep silent. So what’s going on here??? Is your Muar Service Dealer up to the standard??? A lot ppl ask me to fix the problem at Batu Pahat but i have no time to drive over.

    Currently, the mileage of my Starex at least 6000km. With the above problem definitely the left of right side tires is my another concern. You know what i mean?? So, does your company willing to change the tires without charges for me? OR should i say please swap a NEW HYUNDAI STAREX for me?

    SO many ppl telling me dont by Hyundai cars…this not good that not good…spare parts is expensive….this and that but i still give it a try so the end i bought HYUNDAI STAREX.
    BUT now what i received is this…
    1st, deliver a car to me without a proper QC check, i am wondering how the car passed your factory QC check or they never check that portion???
    2nd, bad Muar Service Dealer services
    3rd, took so long to send a GPS

    WHAT should i told to any of the person that asking me “How you feel about Hyundai”???

    Please, resolve the above problem ASAP.

  • Kam Sheare Liang September 19, 2017, 6:59 AM

    The Hyundai Tucson I purchased back on last year July 2016. I have been drive Hyundai Tucson after 1st service the tyre has minor sound wave. 1st thinking it was normal because it was my first SUV car. After second service, the outer noise became serious, I have decided to tell the customer service for my facing issue but I not sure is the bearing issue or alignment issue when during my 3rd service of 19,000KM in Jun 2017.
    Meanwhile, the technician came to approach me to tell is because of tyre bumped issue, not related to bearing or alignment & this is not the first case for quite common happened even for new car on road.
    Somehow, there is an argument in between Hyundai & Continental responsibility.
    Hence, the Customer service person help me to lodge the report to Hyundai & arrange a time for Continental Agent come to inspect. After he inspection, he was telling every 8,000KM, it need to be cross switch the tyre front to back & back to front, otherwise the inner & outer tyre will be slightly slanted at corner side & bumped. (This is first time I hearing the tyre need to switching).
    Anyhow, I patiently feedback to Hyundai customer service for what the Continental Agent said & Continental not allowed for this claims.
    So, the question is back to Hyundai since Continental not to take the responsibility. Hyundai customer service told me he will wait for Continental report come out & send to Hyundai make a claims.
    I been keep waiting for nearly 2 months, the feedback is make me dissatisfaction & feel really disappointed as Hyundai is rejected my above claims.
    I believe the responsible is in between Continental & Hyundai, because no one telling me or advise to me it need to be cross change for the tyre for every 8,000KM until the 3rd service I complaint for the car noise is unstoppable annoying.
    I love Hyundai Tucson interior & exterior design even though I have various models of choices & high second hand value optional to choose at these same range price car. End up I also think to give a chance to experience this dynamic in driving to telling my friend Hyundai really improve a lots on their design, technology, quality & it is courageable for the worth value buy.
    I hope the respective person can take seriously into this case & make the necessary approval for my above claims. This is really convincing to me myself & my friend to continue support with Hyundai. I believe you also won’t let me down. Kindly need your help to re-solve my car issue immediately as the tyre condition may not in perfect & it may causing accident as we may not know.

  • Lim Ch November 13, 2018, 8:24 PM

    I am Msian based MD of Korean company Global Vision .
    I am have been purchasing Korean cars ,both Hyundai & Kia for my family
    And is interested to purchase the new Tucson.
    All the Korean cars I purchased came with Korean tyres but the new Tucson is a disappointment ….with Goodyear tyres.
    I wish to communicate with Mr Kim Hoo Keum,regional Head of Hyundai and Mr Sung Jung KIm. Please may I have their email addresses.

    • Niurka Navarro February 21, 2019, 4:50 AM

      I am a Hyundai customer and would like to know if you answered your question. I also need to get involved with customer service management

  • Niurka Navarro February 27, 2019, 3:43 AM

    I need to make a claim for alterations in my vehicle, by means of a letter that exceeds 2000 words.
    For this I am writing to ask for an email from the Hyundai customer service of the Hyundai headquarters to whom to send my mail
    Thank you

  • prayaga kishore swain March 19, 2019, 10:48 AM


    Sub :- Non performance of the vehicle’s Cooling system
    I regret to write that in the last November’18 I purchased Hyundai Elentra SX Petrol, Bering Regd No :- OD – 02 AZ 1133, with Chassis No :- & Engine No :-G4NAJU642617 & VIN IS MALD341CMJM015099 from your authorized Dealer UTKAL HYUNDAI, PAHAL, NAKHARA at Bhubaneswar, Odisha on dated 05/11/18.
    It has been giving trouble in the section of Cooling results in uncomforting and non-conducive situation while driving
    When the poor cooling was felt vehicle was taken to your authorized service station I.E. UTKAL HYNDAI, BHUBANESWAR, ODISHA, after a few days of purchase on dated :- 05/11/18. There the technical experts diagnosed the problem and found that the complain was relevant about the cooling performance which was poor. There itself a minor repairment was made to the AC section of the vehicle and delivered to us assuring the better performance of the cooling. But unfortunately after 10 days it was noticed that the performance of the cooling has been detoriated. Again the vehicle was taken to the authorized service station where the vehicle was received and inspected and found a major problem with the AC unit. Then we were advised that the AC unit is to be replaced as there was a major fault which was not repairable and the vehicle was kept under the custody of the service station for approximately 15 days.
    When the said vehicle was redelivered after 15 days found the problem persists while driving. Again after a week vehicle was taken to service station and made repeat repairement of the complain regarding the same. Again the vehicle was kept under the custody of the service station for 4 days and redelivered for trial .
    We are sorry to say I doubt the technical expertise of Hyundai since the persistence of the problem even after number of repairments of the technical people of Hyndai in a trial and error method, which surprised me most by altering the AC unit with a unit of a Demo Car as mentioned in the service card which can be verified at your end, Still the problem has not been solved yet.
    I am sure you would be agreeing with me that the purpose is not getting fulfilled by purchasing this vehicle from such a world class company like Hyndai. As it is going on giving me pain Money wise, Time wise, and Simultaneously build physical & tremendous Mental on me. Furthermore I am also worried about the unsolving problems of the vehicle which is persisting since purchase, in other side I am also running out of the warranty period and also afraid of that my complain may not be attended soon after the completion of the warranty period. Again this also hampering my Business and loss of Money directly and indirectly which put me in a irreparable loss.
    I request you to give a permanent solution to my difficulties.
    Sincerely yours
    TRIVENI SWAIN, CONTACT NO :- 7008678598

  • Leon Eygelaar June 22, 2019, 2:23 PM

    I’m owner of three Hyaundai vehucles (2007 SantaFe, 2005 Getz, 2016 Grand i10). I have an issue with my 2007 SantaFe 2.2 CRDi – the speedometer needle/gauge is bouncing only working from 60km/h. No cruise control, no fuel consumption calculation, milage travelled. The VSS on transmission has already been replaced.

    Can Hyundai Korea please assist with possible cause (maybe instrument cluster or other sensors)

  • Fong Lai Wan October 27, 2019, 4:15 PM

    Hyundai Tucson 1.6TGDI bought on Nov 2017.
    On May 2018, when i stop my car while waiting meter reading box sudden blackout. Its happen on sun, no workshop open, so i try off & restart again its return to normal. I only make complain when doing the service. Jun 2019 air cond no function reverse camera no function, sent to 5 star service centre for checking & repair. Took me 4.5 MONTHS from 11 Jun 2019 to 25 October 2019 air cond function but another error prompt out. Meter reading box had 4 item light is on, especially ABS brake light its cause my brake No good function too dangerous to drive it. Need to take how long only can solve all the problem? Anyone can told is the product or technical problem? Which centre can solve my problem?

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