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Nissan Customer Service Number, Email ID, Head Office Address, Website

Nissan is a famous Japanese multinational automotive company. This company was founded in the year of 1933 in Yokohama, Japan. The company is specialised in automobile products and financial services. They have many stores all around the world including Malaysia.

In Nissan official store, they provide various automotive products in different categories like Pickup trucks, SUV, MUV, sedan, electric & hybrid, commercial vehicles and some other products.

Users can find more information regarding Nissan products and services in their official website. Company officials are sharing all the valuable information on their official website.

The customer may have some queries regarding Nissan company, for which we are sharing some details that you can use to make contact with their officials. In this article, we are sharing all the details regarding Nissan customer service contact details, head office address, website link, social profile accounts and some other relevant details.

Nissan Logo

Nissan Malaysia Customer Service Contact Details

Nissan Customer Service Toll-Free Contact Number: 1800 88 3838

Nissan Customer Service Email ID: N/A

For further queries, we suggest contacting their officials by using provided information regarding any queries.

Nissan Malaysia Head Office Contact Details

Nissan Head Office Address: 249, Jalan Segambut, Segambut, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nissan Head Office Phone Number: +60 3-6256 8888

Nissan Official Email ID: N/A

Contact Nissan head office officials regarding any queries, complaint, service or feedback details, use above-provided 0r information to get in touch with their officials.

Nissan Official Website: www.nissan.com.my

Find all the information regarding Nissan products, service, news and event details on their official website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/NissanMalaysia

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/NissanMalaysia

Google+ Fan Page: plus.google.com/+Nissan

Pinterest: pinterest.com/nissanusa

Linkedin Profile: linkedin.com/company/nissan-motor-corporation

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/NissanMalaysia

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/nissanusa

Follow or subscribe to Nissan official social profile account to find more information regarding their products and service details.

Important Links

Company post the latest information regarding Nissan news, events and product details.

Showroom locator: nissan.com.my/locateus
Find all the details about Nissan local store details in above page link.

Career: nissan.com.my/careers
Above we are sharing Nissan official page link, where you can find all the information regarding their current job vacancies.

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  • Teoh HB May 22, 2019, 3:36 PM

    Dear customer service,
    My car, Almera has faced one problem. Today I start the car engine and I take my key out of car but I still can drive the car without the key. It is not a short distance ,almost 4/5km I drove but the car still can move.Why is it happened? My car is a keyless car.

  • AG SYAMSYAIR BIN AG KADIR June 10, 2019, 10:07 AM

    Dear Nissan Bastard,
    First of all, i want to say “Fuck, shit and cibai” you all tan chong company. august last year i bought the Navara Np300, i am trade in my Nissan Livina by force by nissan and almera with the so many problem happen, sucks nissan and cibai. on March this year, i sent my Navara to Nissan Tan Chong Inanam Sabah, for service and found out the my DRL lamp faulty, sent to nissan ask for warranty, until now, nothing happen, no update and nothing by nissan…so i can say this NISSAN TAN CHONG IS FUCK UP….why my DRL faulty? they took the main switch and sent for warranty, why took too long? it just a small box,…..i am very upset and angry…why, one after another the issue come from Nissan. i dont believe nissan anymore and if this is not settle, i will log a police report and report to bureau. last words from me…SHIT you NISSANNN TAN CHONG for your service….

  • Ong Ming Lieh July 30, 2019, 9:05 PM

    I am Mr. Ong Ming Lieh contact No 0125071021 , Nissam Xtrial 2.0 car number plate AKB8322, I bought RM136K, on May 2015, bought extra 1 year warranty maintenance service, I have been sent my car to Ipoh Nissan service centre on time with miss over the pass four year
    I feel very disappointed with Nissan brand car that after just over a month warranty period, my car get faulty, with big faulty, gearbox start give problem, I have sent to Ipoh service center due to this issue, the officer told me the gearbox getting faulty, cost more RM20k to replace a new one, what a lousyy Nissan brand car, car valve more than RM135 thousand, just four used, on time service, get such serious issue, after logging into this complaint page, getting to know how the quality of Nissan brand car, other poeple shot to the quality of Nissan brand car too, what is the brand name of Nissan?
    I write these messages and post here that want Nissan company to replace my car gearbox without any charge, I want Nissan officer contact me at the handphone number as I provide by 7 August 2019. Fail to do these, I will spread to the media, social media about the quality of Nissan brand

  • Yong HT October 29, 2019, 4:55 AM

    On 28/10/2019, my wife (together with children) send our car (Grand Livina) to Nissan TanChong service center (located at Jalan Pending, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia) for scheduled service maintenance and also for the air-bag replacement recall event recently. My wife arrived at 9.30am, then a staff name Kenny ask to present the green-card before can proceed for the air-bag replacement even we got bring the recall letter issued from Nissan/ TanChong which is already state the details information inside. So this required me (which is working that day) immediately call to my car loan’s bank to ask the bank officer to take a photo for the green card and send to me. I dont understand why still need to show the green-card even we got the recall letter fissued by Nissan/Tanchong, the reason from the staff is that “The recall letter is issued by admin team and it is not related to the service provider team, service team need to see green-card not the recall letter!” What the hell, then why Nissan/Tanchong need to issue official recall letters to all affected customer which is not valid /useless at all. After a long wait and communicate with my bank agent, i able to deliver the holly green card photo on 12.03pm. But wait until 2pm still not yet start the air-bag work. The reason given by Mr Kenny is that because 12pm-1pm is lunch time so no one working. But it is without inform us, my wife and children keep waiting at the service center, while nissan/Tanchong staff enjoying their lunch meal. And furthermore because we are failed to present the green-card at the first time in the morning so need to follow the new queue sequence, and Mr Kenny said there are other customers he need to take care so ask my wife to wait…. so we are not consider as customer, right?? . Finally, the great holly air-bag replacement work done at 2.35pm. At the same time my wife and children already wait at Nissan/Tanchong service center for more than 5 hours and starving. I really dont understand why Nissan / TanChong having this lousy service today. I buy my car at the same outlet/center and always service at the same center since first day until now (more than 3 years), admin should have all the record. But what I facing today is really disappointed, there is zero trust between customer and Nissan/Tanchong. Everything count on money, treat customer like a shit. Really disappointed, even i got send 2 feedback emails on the same day, but what i get is nothing. Nissan & TanChong just don’t care about their customer. If i still not received any explanation about my complaint within these few days, i will rather to share my story in social media as a reference for other people to know about it.

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