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Tengku Zulpuri Shah Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website, Office

Tengku Zulpuri Shah is a famous politician who is at the current post of Deputy Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources of Malaysia. The article you are reading now is about this minister. We have posted some details of him such as Tengku Zulpuri phone number, Tengku Zulpuri Whatsapp number, Tengku Zulpuri email ID, Tengku Zulpuri residence details, Tengku Zulpuri office location, Tengku Zulpuri secretary details etc. In case, these details didn’t help you, go for the links section. It contains Tengku Zulpuri website and some of his official social accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Tengku Zulpuri Shah

Tengku Zulpuri Shah is a well known Malaysian politician who was assigned as Deputy Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources in July 2018 under the ministry of Xavier Jayakumar Arulanandam. Besides this post, he has also been the Member of the Malaysian Parliament for Raub since May 2018. This political leader joined democratic Action Party in 2000 and has been its member since then. In 2017, his name was announced as Vice Chairman of Democratic Action Party. Get more details about his political background from his website or social profiles. Other politicians of Malaysia are Chua Tian, Lee Chee Leong, Wong Tack and Teresa Kok.

About/Wiki Tengku Zulpuri Shah

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Birth Name  Tengku Zulpuri Shah bin Raja Puji
Tengku Zulpuri Shah DOB  July 15, 1964

Tengku Zulpuri Shah was born on July 15, 1964. He is the son of Tengku Puji Tengku Abdul Hamid.

What are the Phone Numbers of Tengku Zulpuri Shah?

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Personal Phone Number  N/A
Tengku Zulpuri Shah Whatsapp Number  N/A
Tengku Zulpuri Shah Mobile Number  N/A
Tengku Zulpuri Shah Office Phone Number  03-88861617
Tengku Zulpuri Shah Fax Number  N/A

Office contact number which could help you in contacting Tengku Zulpuri Shah is shared here. No extra charges will be applied.

What are the Email IDs of Tengku Zulpuri Shah?

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Personal Email ID  N/A
Tengku Zulpuri Shah Office Email IDs  dapraub@gmail.com   tengkuzulpuri@gmail.com

Mail your queries directly to Tengku Zulpuri Shah with the help of this attached email IDs. Mention your name and number properly.

What are the Contact Addresses of Tengku Zulpuri Shah?

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Residence Address Penang, Malaysia
Tengku Zulpuri Shah Office Address Ministry of Water, Soil and Natural Resources, Level 16, Natural Resources Wisdom, No.25, Prime Tour, Precinct 4,62574 PUTRAJAYA.

Tengku Zulpuri Shah currently lives in Penang. If you want to meet or end any post to him, then use the office address.

Official Website: N/A

This section’s details are currently unavailable. We will update the article very soon.

Social Media Profiles of Tengku Zulpuri Shah

Facebook Fan Page  facebook.com/zulpuri4raub
Twitter Handle  N/A
Instagram Handle  instagram.com/tengku_zulpuri
YouTube Channel  N/A
Snapchat ID  N/A

Tengku Zulpuri Shah is only active on Facebook and Instagram. You need to follow these profiles for connecting with him.

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