KFC Customer Service Number, Email ID, Head Office Address, Website

KFC is the restaurant which is famous for its delicious chicken dishes, and it is served worldwide. Abbreviation of KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken, and it is started on 20 March 1930 by Harland Sanders in North Corbin, Kentucky. Their first franchise was open in Salt Lake City, Utah on 24 September 1952. They serve many large, good quality of chicken, vegetarian products and shakes in various countries.

KFC is a very famous and well-known restaurant chain. Especially this restaurant is the famous cause of its different types of chicken burgers. KFC fast food restaurant meal has become so popular, that all chicken lovers can’t keep themselves without tasting their delicious dishes and all other products. KFC restaurant also provides free Wifi-hotspot at their store as it is one of the gathering places for students nowadays people use to come over there to do meet up, work and chat. KFC serves chicken, breakfast, lunch, dinner, combos, burger/wrap, beverages & desserts, and many other delicious treats at a very great price. They also have side orders Menu in which they use to serve items like whipped potato, coleslaw, nuggets, cheesy wedges, crispier fries, colonel chicken rice and much more. If anyone wants to celebrate your birthday or want to make an event as gathering parties, KFC also provides different party packages and services. Those who have not visited their restaurant yet, must search your nearby store and gave them a chance to serve you with their delicious products. KFC also provides home delivery service. They also provide the opportunity for people who wants to make their career in this field by joining their team.

If any customer is willing to know that what is the customer service support number, where is the head office or what is the email id of KFC Malaysia, then you are in the very right place, where you can get their all official customer service support and also head office contact details of KFC Malaysia above in this article.Here we are providing you customer service number, customer support email id, head office address, head office telephone, official website, social profile URLs and some of the important and relevant links of their official website. Check out the contact details below.

KFC Logo

KFC Malaysia Customer Service Contact Details

KFC Malaysia Customer Service Number: 13-00222-888 (Toll- free)

KFC Malaysia Customer Service Fax Number: 03-79338-833

KFC Malaysia Customer Service Email Id: N/A

These are the customer service support contact details of KFC Malaysia if any customer has queries, they can contact their officials through the provided contact information.

KFC Malaysia Office Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday: 24 hours

For any question regarding their products, customers can contact their officials between the given timings.

KFC Malaysia Head Office Details

KFC Malaysia Head Office Address: Tower 1, level 11, [email protected] City Centre, Jalan Utara, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

KFC Malaysia Phone Number: 03-79338-888

KFC Malaysia Email ID: N/A

If any customer wants to contact their customer service support executives then one must go through the contact details and the officials will surely help you out.

KFC Malaysia Official Website: www.kfc.com.my

This is the official website link of KFC Malaysia. One can follow the link to visit their official website where customers can check all their latest products and details provided by them.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/KFCmalaysia

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/KFCmalaysia

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/kfcmalaysia

Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/kfcmalaysia

This is the social profiles of KFC Malaysia if any, customer wants to stay updated with their latest updates, can subscribe their social profiles through the provided link.

Important Links

Contact Us: kfcholdings.com.my/support
If customer want any other information from their customer service support, one can follow this contact list form link.

Vacancies: kfc.com.my/career-opportunities
If any customer wants to join their team or want to make his/her career with them must go through the link provided and get all their career making details.

18 thoughts on “KFC Customer Service Number, Email ID, Head Office Address, Website

  1. I am going to build a house for chicken in klnang area,Malaysia. I would like to supply chicken to KFC.
    What criteria should be followed by my company to supply the chicken to KFC.
    Plz let me know that.

    1. I have an excellent mixed grill vegetable .2 mins cooking.no preservatives.does not require refrigeration.very tasty and can be used in burgers sandwiches or plain eating.i am in SA says:

      I have a brilliant mixed grill vegetable very tasty and suitable for every every meal.no refrigeration ,NO additives

  2. Aduan lewat terima pesanan. Pesanan jam 15:17:40 dan tunggu lebih 30minit utk set CB. Diminta tunggu 5minit setiap kali diminta CB. Seingat jam 15:55 masih tidak terima set CB. Saya terus tinggalkan kaunter dan balik tanpa terima set CB yang dapat dibayar.
    Pesanan diambil oleh trainee Rohaya.

  3. I am a regular customer for KFC since my childhood days.I normally enjoyed the hospitality of their staffs despite having to wait more than 30 mins if i were to request for a bucket of original chickens order.However,i found it really a nonsence that this particular branch namely at IOI City Mall Putrajaya keeps only 2 cashier counters open as early as 8.30pm despite the long queues.This is not the 1st time it happened.I know this very well as i am working in the mall itself.Sometimes,despite closing at 10pm,they would just let go the customers who apparently queued for a long time as early as 9.45pm.I wonder if business is really good for them as all of us struggle for survival during this economic uncertainty times.I am writing with the intention that they shall buckle up before losing all of their customers to other competitors.

  4. kami pemiliki bagi premise kedai baru di area telipok (5,000 pintu aparment baru dr wk group )dan papar di kota kinabalu.jikalau pihak tuan berminat untuk membuka cawangan di premise shoplot kami.sila hubungi saya 012-8282298,016-5526263,0r 088-8282298 untuk maklumat selanjut.sekian dan terima kasih. monica wong

  5. The cashier named ZAHIRAH at KFC PETRON SETIA ALAM needs to take customer order seriously. The service was rude. I was ordering KFC when my husband wanted chicken drumstick & tight but she rudely asked for what drink that we want about 3 or 4 times. Very
    poor service. I believe this outlet need to remind her to avoid future KFC reputation.

  6. Sir / Madam
    I ordered via KFC Hotline 1300-222-888 (15-pcs Combo RM 99.90 / 15 pieces of chicken, potato wedges, french fries, coleslaw, drinks). By order number 1018787105 on 30/11/2018. My order has been confirmed on phone 30/11/2018 8.40PM (KFC Hotline 1300-222-888).

    As confirmed by the KFC Hotline staff, the delivery process will only take 1 hour. It has been agreed that the product will be shipped before 9.40 PM 30/11/2018 but at that time I did not accept the food ordered. I only received food after 10:20 PM on 30/11/2018.

    If you fail to deliver the product within 1 hour, please do not sprinkle the promise to the customer.

    Here I have lost time and plenty of food wasted as more than half of my staff had gone home.

    Failure to deliver within a reasonable time and after the agreed ending period is a violation under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

    Time is important. Please send the item without any improper delay. If you fail to do so, netizens will refuse to accept your food and will not support your business.

  7. Assalammualaikum & Salam sejahtera,

    Saya Aishah, 14/12/18 pada pukul 3.42pm saya telah datang ke KFC cawangan Sri Manja store id: 1010727.
    Saya telah membuat pesanan 2 set ayam goreng kemudian staff Syafiqah telah menerima pesanan saya dan menyediakan makanan tersebut tetapi saya meminta tukar 1 set kepada set petukaran air. Saya melihat staff tersebut belum membuat tamat resit(cash resit) , kemudian staff tersebut menyatakan” makanan tersebut tidak boleh cancel atas sebut sudah key in, nanti waktu closing saya kene bayar resit tersebut.”
    Saya kemudian tanya staff tersebut, selagi belum cash kenapa tidak boleh void? Dan terus terus terus MENJAWAB dgn saya dan menyatakan saya yg SALAH … Memberi 1000 alasan supaya saya tidak dapat menukar air set, kemudian seorang manager lelaki menyatakan kepada saya” maaf kami tidak boleh buat void nanti dekat HQ ade rekod .. saya minta maaf” .. Kemudian ketika saya sedang makan disitu, semua staff menyanyi sekuat hati dalam keadaan perli saya.. macam mana pihak KFC boleh terima staff yang kurang ajar didalam restaurant?????







    1st time dapat layanan macam ni… better KFC Tmn medan puas hati…


  8. I would like to tell the corporate office that KFC at KSL city mall has excellent customer service. The manager name is Mr. Yasin 101078
    I want him to get a raise. I think he should be recognize in all KFC of JB.
    He has good client relationship. He is kind. He is the one that KFC should use as the next corporate head president in Malaysia.

    I am fromKFC USA. California corporate office. Please give him bonus money from the Nika__ recommendation thanks.

  9. Saya nak buat complaint. Saya nak drive thru, bila dah order sampai counter nak bayar. Dia tanya balik nak order apa. Serious lahh??? Tanya balik nak order apa? Tadi nak take note ke time nak ambil order. Customer tak ramai pon time tu.

  10. Saya nak tahu kenapa pada 28/3/19 saya beli 2 bucket kfc combo yang sama di dua tempat berbeza iaitu kfc teluk penglima garang dan kfc jenjarom harga yang berbeza. Saya perlukan penjelasan daripada pihak kfc berkaitan perkara ini sebelum saya lakukan aduan pada pihak KPDNKK.

  11. I ordered my meal, requested to have thigh chicken.

    Turned out the KFC staff gave me a drumstick, and nuggets were not in good shape (being tear out that kind) and coleslaw was replaced with mashed potato. The staff who served the food didnt explain anything and walk away. When i get her to change thigh and replace new nuggets for me, she show very sour face.

    She get someone else to change for me.

    Then i asked her where is my coleslaw, she said finished. (and STARE AT ME!)

    Please give your staffs proper training on how to answer customer questions. She is not doing this to me, she did this way to many other customer too.

    I can’t see her name properly, because she avoided herself to me. But she is the shortest Malay staff serving frontline at Setia Tropika branch at 4pm.

    Please handle her.

  12. I have been order kfc through online delivery on 5/4/2019 at 11 am..kfc already received my order.. After few minutes I received a call from kfc bayu perdana that my order was cancel upon reason out of area. And they promise my credit money will transfer back within 3 day of working days. But it seem already one month I never been received my money into the account. Is it kfc people are cheating my money within giving fake promise.

  13. Saya nak tanya..kenapa kualiti aym spicy kfc sekarang tak pedas? Rasa macam ori..dulu mmg sedap dan pedas..tolongla kekalkan kualiti..hopefully ade perubahan..tq

  14. I have complained many many times. When you order delivery they give you the smallest piece of chicken ( coz you’re not there to complain or see) usually it’s the smallest piece of drumstick and if you blink you might miss it! (Well they are at home… too bad…) lets get rid of the small pieces. The last one I had was smaller than a teaspoon. I feel cheated! I’ve paid for this! My question is it Kfc ‘s policy to give customers the smallest piece for delivery as we are not there to complain? Has anybody ever had experience that?

  15. hi…would like to share my experiences with kfc nusa bestari jb..this is not the first time they didnt gve me the right menu ordered…last week ordered(take away) few sets of snack plates (or n spicy)and additional side dishes…requested for at least a piece of or thigh as my children love it..after i paid,requested my son to wait for it as i had headache n waited for him in the car…it took him more then 40mnits standing at the side of the counter and guess what..ur staff said ‘lupa nak buat order adik’….ok then reached home… there is no single thigh…all sets spicy no or and the best part only chicken n water given..no mashed potatoes…no coleslow…no bread…just chicken….

    today..my kid wanted to eat kfc again…really hesitate to support kfc thks time but i gv a try again…same thing happened….requested for or dinner set with at least a pc of thigh but given spicy with no single thigh….called the no in the receipt given but no answer…

    kfc…i think nowadays your service worsen…not like before…and to me i will not choose kfc anymore as there are more new fast food restaurant can serve better…

  16. This evening I bought 2 sets of my mother’s favourite golden egg chicken..The chicken were thickly coated with spices.She couldn’t even finish one piece as it was so spicy and couldn’t taste the salted egg as well.What happened? I thought there was supposed to have quality control.Today is our fifth time ordering it so we know how it taste.Please check

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